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Sexual Harassment Resources

The following compilation provides some resources available for sexual harassment matters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The inclusion of any resource on the list is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Commission on the Status of Women. Information changes over time. Users are encouraged to check with individual resource providers for the most up-to-date and accurate information. You must decide for yourself whether any particular person or organization suits your needs or purposes. This list is not meant to be exhaustive: If you have information on additional resources, please send it to the Commission on the Status of Women, 25 Van Ness, Suite 130, San Francisco, CA 94102 or fax it to (415) 252-2575.

Legal or Technical Resources


The Community Board Programs- Conflict Resolution Resources
1540 Market St., Ste. 490; SF, CA 94102
ph: (415) 552-1250, fx: (415) 626-0595

Legal or Technical Resources

Bar Association of San Francisco
Lawyer Referral Service
685 Market St., Ste. 700
SF, CA 94105, ph: (415) 764-1616

CA Commission on the Status of Women
1303 J Street, Ste 400, Sacramento, CA 95814-2900
ph: (916) 445-3173, fx: (916) 322-9466

Chinese for Affirmative Action
17 Walter Lum Place,SF, CA 94108
ph: (415) 274-6750

Coalition for Immigrant Refugee Rights
995 Market Street, Ste 1108; SF, CA 94103
ph: (415) 554-2444

Coalition for Labor Union Women
15 Union Square, NY, NY 10003
ph: (212) 242-0700

Dept of Fair Employment and Housing
30 Van Ness Avenue,SF, CA 94102
ph: (415) 557-2005

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
2212 6th St,Berkeley, CA 94702
ph: (510) 644-2555, fx: (510) 841-8645

Employment Law Center, Workers Rights Clinic
1663 Mission Street, Ste 550; SF, CA 94103
ph: (415) 864-8208

Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission,901 Market St, Ste. 500, SF, CA 94103
ph: (415) 744-6500

Equal Rights Advocate
1663 Mission St, Ste. 400; SF, CA 94103
ph: (415) 621-0672
Hotline: 621-0505or (800) 839-4ERA

La Raza Centro Legal
2519 Mission Street, SF, CA 94110
ph: (415) 641-1069

Lawyers Committee for Urban Affairs
301 Mission St
SF, CA 94105
ph: (415) 543-9444

National Center for Lesbian Rights
1663 Mission St. Ste 550; SF, CA 94103
ph: (415) 621-0674

SF Commission on the Status of Women
25 Van Ness, Ste. 130;, SF, CA 94102
ph: (415) 252-2570, fx: (415) 252-2575

SF Human Rights Commission
25 Van Ness, 8th Floor, SF, CA, 94102
ph: (415) 252-2500

US Dept. Of Labor
Office of the Secretary,Women's Bureau
Washington, DC 20210


Individual Human Resource Offices
  • Check with your company's own HR dept. or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to file a complaint internally.
  • If you are a member of a union, reserach what resources they will provide for you..
Health Plans
  • Check with your health plan for coverage of costs associated with experiencing sexual harassment on the job.
Tradeswoman, Inc.
2830-9th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 
ph: (510) 649-6260, fx: (510) 649-6277.
Last updated: 4/8/2010 5:13:52 PM