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Violence Against Women Prevention and Intervention Grants Program

Partner Agencies for Fiscal Years 2011-2014

Arab Cultural and Community Center

The Arab Women’s Domestic Violence Program
The Arab Cultural and Community Center provides legal referrals, counseling, and translation and education services to empower Arab/Middle Eastern and Muslim women, including recent immigrants.

Tel: 415.664.2200

APA Family Support Services
Home Visitation Program
APA Family Support Services provides multi-lingual prevention education to Asian women through home visitation, support groups, public awareness campaigns and community outreach.

Tel: 415-616-9797

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach (APILO)
Domestic Violence Project and Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative
APILO provides legal services and representation to domestic violence survivors, including family law and immigration services. They also coordinate a collaborative partnership of agencies conducting anti-trafficking prevention efforts.

Tel: 415.567.6255

Asian Women’s Shelter
Domestic Violence Shelter Program
Asian Women’s Shelter provides emergency shelter, intensive case management, 24-hour crisis line, language access and referrals for battered women and their children.

Tel: 415-751-7110
Crisis Line: 1-877-751-0880

Bar Association of San Francisco
Justice & Diversity Center - Pro Bono Domestic Violence Legal Services
VLSP provides family law legal services to women who have experienced domestic violence, including marital dissolutions, child custody, child support, restraining orders and guardianships.

Tel: 415-982-1600

Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic (CROC)
The Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic provides legal services to assist battered women file and obtain orders of protection.

Tel: 415.255-0165

Bay Area Legal Aid
Domestic Violence Legal Services
Bay Area Legal Aid provides legal representation for domestic violence survivors, regarding family law matters including child-custody, divorce and limited representation on immigration matters.

Tel: 415-982-1300
Legal Advice Line: 415-354-6360
Toll-Free: 800-551-5554

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)
Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Women's Prevention and Education Program
CUAV provides anti-heterosexism intervention project, transphobia intervention project, and a LOVE & JUSTICE service provider partner project to strengthen the safety net of services and to increase providers' early detection of violence in LGBTQQ relationships.

Tel: 415-777-5500
Safety Line: 415-333-4357

Community Youth Center

Young Asian Women Against Violence Project (YAWAV)
The YAWAV project prevents violence against girls and young women through peer education projects, positive empowerment and leadership development.

Tel: 415-775-2636

Donaldina Cameron House
Healing Families - Asian Domestic Violence Advocacy Program
Donaldina Cameron House provides social services, counseling, case management, advocacy, and accompaniment to appointments to Asian women and their children, many of whom are new immigrants.

Tel: 415-781-0401

Filipino Community Center
Babae Healthy Relationships Program
Filipino Community Center provides prevention education workshops, information and referral to resources, support groups for girls and young women. Services provided in English and Tagalog.

Tel: 415-333-6267

Glide Foundation
Glide Women's Center
The Women’s Center offers support groups, workshops, and programming for women that are homeless or in unstable housing situations, experiencing intimate partner abuse.

Tel: 415-674-6000

Gum Moon Women’s Residence

Transitional Housing Project
Gum Moon provides transitional housing and supportive services for battered single, low-income Asian immigrant women victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Tel: 415-788-1008

Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco
Females Against Violence Peer Leadership and Education Program
The FAV program provides prevention and education workshops for girls and young women, discussing healthy relationships and forms of abuse, and offers resources to assist young women in making positive changes.

Tel: 415-487-6706

Institute on Aging
Preventing Domestic Violence Late in Life
The Preventing Domestic Violence Late in Life Program enables older adults to maintain their health and ability to live independently by offering affordable, compassionate and innovative health and social services to seniors and their families.

Tel: 415-750-4111

Jewish Family and Children’s Services
Dream House
The Dream House program provides traditional housing with comprehensive supportive services, including case management and counseling to assist women and families fleeing domestic violence.

Tel: 415-449-1243

La Casa de las Madres
Domestic Violence Shelter Services
La Casa de las Madres provides emergency shelter, crisis line, drop-in center, education, and domestic violence response team for battered women and their children.

Tel: 415-503-0500
Crisis Line: 1-877-503-1850
Crisis Line (teens) 1-877-923-0700

Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)
Queer Young Women’s Health & Safety Project
LYRIC provides prevention education through young women’s health programs, recreation and empowerment programs, after-school programs, job training, and targeted outreach to queer young women throughout the queer young women’s communities in San Francisco.

Tel: 415-703-6150

Mary Elizabeth Inn
Inn Roads Program
The Inn Roads Program assists domestic violence survivors achieve economic independence and stability through transitional housing and employment assistance.

Tel: 415-673-6768

Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

Mission Girls - Real Arising Issues Creating Empowered Students Program (RAICES)
RAICES provides workshop with violence against girls’ curriculum discussing healthy relationships, forms of abuse, definitions of rape, resources available, and how to prevent violence to young women, and assist young women make positive changes.

Tel: 415-206-7752

Mujeres Unidas y Activas
Sanando el Alma
Mujeres Unidas y Activas provides counseling, support meetings, and informational workshops for Latina immigrant survivors of domestic violence.

Tel: 415.621.8140

Saint Vincent de Paul Society – Riley Center

Brennan House and Rosalie House
The Rosalie House provides emergency shelter and supportive services for battered women and their children, including individual and group counseling, case management services, parenting groups, employment referrals and a children’s program.

The Brennan House provides transitional housing and supportive services for battered women and their children.

Tel: 415-552-2943
Crisis Line: 415-255-0165

San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR)
Students Talking About Non-Violent Dating (STAND), Sexual Assault Crisis Line, Sexual Assault Advocacy, and Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Program
SFWAR provides sexual assault advocacy to women and girls through one-on-one peer counseling, support groups, medical and legal advocacy, and referrals. STAND works to provide domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education to local high school students.

Tel: 415.861-2024
Crisis Line: 415.647.7273

Women in Dialogue
In Defense of Prostitute Women’s Safety

Women in Dialogue provide prevention education services, and promote public awareness on violence against prostitutes, and offers advocacy services.

Tel: 415.626.4114

W.O.M.A.N., Inc.
24-Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line and Latina Case Management Program
WOMAN, Inc. provides 24- hour domestic violence crisis line and supportive services, including 24-hour Spanish language assistance, support groups, and community education.

Tel: 415.864-4777
Crisis Line: 415-864-4722

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