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Rethink Your Drink

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Rethink Your Drink is the banner name for all of Shape Up SF''s campaigns related to sugar-sweetened drinks: Soda Free Summer (SFS) and "Drink Water!" Said the Otter (DWSTO).

San Francisco''s 2010 Rethink Your Drink Campaign
Given the success of the Soda Free Summer campaign, the launch of DWSTO to focus on early childhood health behaviors, and the broader momentum and potential for a sweetened beverage fee (California Center for Public Health Advocacy and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research released Bubbling Over: Soda Consumption and its Link to Obesity in California in July 2009), Shape Up SF is focusing its efforts this year on not only educating residents about the health impacts of sweetened beverages, but to create an aware and informed base of constituents that can help advocate for policy or legislative changes to decrease access to sweetened beverages year-round.

Spread the Rethink Your Drink Message
We have created new materials to reach people year-round, not just during the summer months. Please feel free to download these informative flyers and post them around your workplace, community, or even email them to your friends and family.

Check out a new resource (May 2012) put out by Making Health Easier and the CDC. This infographic helps people better understand how portion sizes have changed since 1950 and how that may have an effect on caloric intake and chronic disease. See poster below and download for your use.


Calculating teaspoons of sugar in a bottle
Download (PDF)

Not Just a Coincidence
Download (PDF)

Drink Water
Download (PDF)

Implement the Rethink Your Drink Campaign
Shape Up SF has also created templates and other resources that will help your organization to implement the Rethink Your Drink campaign. If you need ideas for how to create your own Rethink Your Drink display, want to motivate staff or youth in a simple way, or host your own Be Sugar Savvy training, check out the following tools. Keep reading below for more tips and resources!


 Portions Poster

Download PDF

SFS Hall of Fame

Download PDF

Train Your Staff!

Download WORD

Creating your own Rethink Your Drink display
Showing people just how much sugar they are drinking is easy to do! Here''s what you need:

  • A variety of (preferrably empty!) sugar-sweetened drink bottles.
  • Sugar cubes
  • Ziploc baggies or clear containers
  • Sharpie or labels.To make it even easier for you to create your own Rethink Your Drink display, download these labels with the teaspoons of sugar already calculated using Avery 5160 (shipping labels). Download the template (WORD).

Conduct your own Be Sugar Savvy Training
Being sugar savvy is more than just cutting out sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas. Being sugar savvy is about recognizing how many added sugars are in all of the foods AND drinks that we put into our bodies. This short and simple script is easy to integrate into any existing program. You don''t need a lot of time to teach others these important lessons. The Be Sugar Savvy curriculum is broken into four simple steps and can be taught over the course of several days. Each step should take no more than 5-10 minutes. It''s that simple! So download the curriculum (PDF) and conduct your own Sugar Savvy training today! Visit for more Sugar Savvy resources and handouts. 

Visit for more information about the Soda Free Summer campaign.


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